It’s the End of the Line for Over 30 Intel Ethernet Controllers

The end-of-life notice means certain SKUs will only be available to order until 2022 or 2023 depending on the series, after which the only option customers will have is to go to the open market or change controllers.

The Global Chip Shortage: A Timeline of Unfortunate Events

COVID-19 has sent traumatic ripples through supply chains around the globe, but the semiconductor supply chain was fragile long before governments shut down and catastrophe struck. In a culmination of negative variables, the chip shortage has amassed over the years from a series of unfortunate events.

Aluminum, Copper and Silicon Shortages Compound the Global Supply Chain Woes

Is the world actually running out of everything? From workforce shortages, the deterioration and struggle to allocate raw materials, major backups at trade ports and an imbalance in supply to meet demand, it’s hard to predict what the future holds for many industries.

Added Pressure to the Supply Chain - The China Power Pinch

Manufacturers are facing another conundrum as China enforces power cuts that will mandate factories to limit operation or halt production entirely.

Large-Scale Power Disruption in Dresden Affects Infineon, Bosch and GlobalFoundries

The blackout will likely exacerbate the already-strained global semiconductor supply chain, which is experiencing a significant imbalance as demand grossly outweighs supply scalability.

A Common Narrative for Manufacturers: Increased Demand Offset by Strained Supply

Manufacturers in various industries can’t seem to catch a break these days as shortages have become a common theme in the supply chain.

Relentless Supply Chain Disruptions: Global Manufacturing Hubs Brace for Impact

As companies and manufacturers look ahead to 2022, the market behavior and events that have disrupted the supply chain in recent months indicate a rocky road ahead.

Why an Open Market Distributor is Vital to Supply Chain Strategy

In the wake of fast-paced technological advancements, the open market has become a vital link in the global supply chain for when demand exceeds supply.

Delayed CPU Production Could Hinder Intel’s Mission to Regain Market Share

Just as Q3 2021 started, Intel CVP Lisa Spelman announced the production of its latest component, the Sapphire Rapid CPU, had been delayed.

The Memory Market – More Hurdles to Jump Over in Q3 and Beyond?

The memory chip sector has a long list of pain points that factor into its unpredictable future in the next quarter and beyond. Some market trends indicate demand will soften, while others show if the previous climate is any indication, then shortages could persist through 2022.


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