Fusion Worldwide Celebrates 20 Years in the Electronics Sourcing Industry

Fusion Worldwide, the premier global open-market sourcing distributor of electronic components and finished products, is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

9 Steps to Find a Trustworthy Supplier

Nine steps to help you assess a supplier so that you are less likely to find yourself in an unfortunate predicament that leads you back to square one in your parts search.

Three Ways to Future-Proof Your Global Supply Chain

COVID-19 challenged the global supply chain like never before but led to lessons to future-proof manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes.

It’s the End of the Line for Over 30 Intel Ethernet Controllers

The end-of-life notice means certain SKUs will only be available to order until 2022 or 2023 depending on the series, after which the only option customers will have is to go to the open market or change controllers.

Employee Spotlight: In the San Jose Office with Megan Maher

This quarter’s employee spotlight recognizes the exemplary contributions made by Fusion Worldwide's Director of Development for the Americas region, Megan Maher.

Market Outlook for Q4 2021

There is a dim outlook for markets in Q4 as shortages continue, causing manufacturers to focus production on growing markets and higher-value components.

The Global Chip Shortage: A Timeline of Unfortunate Events

COVID-19 has sent traumatic ripples through supply chains around the globe, but the semiconductor supply chain was fragile long before governments shut down and catastrophe struck. In a culmination of negative variables, the chip shortage has amassed over the years from a series of unfortunate events.

Aluminum, Copper and Silicon Shortages Compound the Global Supply Chain Woes

Is the world actually running out of everything? From workforce shortages, the deterioration and struggle to allocate raw materials, major backups at trade ports and an imbalance in supply to meet demand, it’s hard to predict what the future holds for many industries.

Michi Sham of Fusion Worldwide named a recipient of the 2021 Women in Supply Chain Award

Supply & Demand Chain Executive has recognized Michi Sham, Director of Sales, China at Fusion Worldwide, as a top female professional in the supply chain industry through its grant of the Women in Supply Chain Award.

Added Pressure to the Supply Chain - The China Power Pinch

Manufacturers are facing another conundrum as China enforces power cuts that will mandate factories to limit operation or halt production entirely.


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