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Semiconductor Shortages Causing Automakers to Cut Production for Early 2021

Semiconductor shortages are wreaking havoc on the already stunted automotive industry, preventing its recovery.

Fire at Walsin Plant Renews Concerns over MLCC Shortages

A Walsin production plant, the main hub for the company’s MLCC and chip resistors, caught fire on Jan. 13.

Market Outlook for Q1 2021

Rising demand should result in booming industries, but numerous shortages could stunt growth and leave manufacturers fighting over resources.

ABF Substrate Shortages Project Further Constraints into 2021

ABF substrate suppliers are trying to increase production in the coming months, but backlogs and lead times could extend into late 2021.

Tech Cold War Continues Brewing as US blacklists China-based SMIC

The blacklist of China-based SMIC is poised to disrupt the semiconductor industry, affecting the global ecosystem of foundries.

Wafer Shortage to Continue in Q1 2021 as IC Market Impact Grows

The 8-inch (200mm) wafer shortage continues to disrupt the semiconductor market – and is expected to continue into Q1 2021.

The Release of Filecoin Could Mean Product Shortages in the Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is in for a splash with the upcoming release of Filecoin, a block-chain based digital storage system.

Employee Spotlight: In the Italy Office with Fabiano Idelfonso

This quarter, our employee spotlight highlights the work ethic and success of Fabiano Idelfonso, an account executive in Italy.

Rose Delgado of Fusion Worldwide named a recipient of the Women in Supply Chain Award

Rose Delgado, Sales Manager, EMEA, at Fusion Worldwide, received the Women in Supply Chain Award by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Shock Proofing Your Supply Chain – A Global Approach

All supply chains face risks caused by unpredictable events, such as trade wars, natural disasters and data breaches, that often lead to multiple disruptions. Most recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a largescale impact on both demand and supply, exemplifying the need for stronger supply chains.

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