NEPCON_Picture1Fusion Worldwide attended NEPCON Japan 2024 at Tokyo Big Sight, the largest international exhibition center in Japan. Over its 30-year history, NEPCON Japan has grown as the Japanese and Asian electronics industries have evolved. This year, businesses specializing in essential electronics manufacturing and R&D verticals gathered to discuss the latest innovations and challenges impacting supply and demand. 

As a global independent distributor of electronic components and products, Fusion Worldwide attended to connect with industry experts and discuss the current market, their supply chain gaps, and our various solutions to fill those gaps. 


Navigating the Future of Electronics Distribution in Japan 

NEPCON draws visitors from every facet of the electronics industry in Japan. Exhibitions included the latest advancements in IC Packaging, PCB, and semiconductors, as well as automotive electronics, LED/OLED lighting, and wearable devices. Various booths focused on the future development of solutions on a global stage and explored the role of a trusted supplier to meet supply and demand needs for production lines.  

Beyond the core NEPCON experience, the co-located expos – Automotive World, Factory Innovation Expo, and Wearables Expo – provided even more enriching experiences.  

  • Automotive World unveiled exciting advancements in electric vehicles and autonomous driving, highlighting the evolving needs of this crucial sector. 
  • At the Factory Innovation Week (FIW), cutting-edge automation and smart manufacturing took center stage. These technologies underscored the importance of efficient and streamlined production processes.  
  • The Wearables Expo offered a glimpse into the future of wearable technology, emphasizing the growing demand for miniaturized and connected devices.  

By exploring the various expos, attendees gained valuable insights into adjacent industries and identified potential opportunities for partnership and expansion. 


Enforcing Quality and Authenticity in Every Component 

NEPCON_Picture4In today's complex market, counterfeit components pose a significant threat. Regardless of the industry, every business wants to know that the parts powering their devices are authentic and held to the highest standards possible when undergoing testing. In Japan, the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS), serves as an important point of reference, especially for Japanese automotive makers like Toyota and Honda. 

Fusion Worldwide addressed NEPCON attendees’ quality concerns by highlighting our in-house testing services, as well as the extensive quality assurance solutions and expertise from our subsidiary company, Prosemi. Prosemi is our Singapore-based test house that offers industry-leading testing and authenticity services. As a trusted partner in electronics, Prosemi has provided comprehensive testing with rapid turnaround for over 25 years. Through its rigorous testing procedures, customers mitigate the risk of counterfeits and safeguard their investments.  


Presidential Insights: Charting the Course for 2024 

NEPCON_Picture3In addition to discussions of innovation and quality, Fusion Worldwide President, Tobey Gonnerman, participated in three interviews with prominent trade publications to discuss the state of the industry. Gonnerman outlined Fusion’s plans for 2024 to deliver more robust solutions to customers for sourcing and managing supply, all while highlighting our commitment to innovation and growth in the Japanese market and beyond. 


Customized Solutions for Supply Chain Needs

Fusion’s team was present to discuss our approach to support innovation as a trusted supplier for sourcing components, managing inventory, and optimizing product lifecycle management. 

In addition to offering solutions, our team emphasized keeping customers well informed. Visitors gained insights through presentations and discussions with our team of sales representatives on market intelligence reports, such as our 2024 State of the Industry Report. These reports include information on key trends shaping the electronics industry, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. 


Meeting Challenges Head-On 

In Japan's ever-changing landscape of electronics distribution, strategic partnerships are an essential part of every business. The pace of technological advancements will make timely sourcing, quality testing, and market intelligence of the utmost importance. As the electronic component industry continues to evolve, partnerships are vital to proactively prepare for the highs and lows of supply and demand. 

Our Fusion Worldwide team wrapped up the trade show with a fun, coordinated TikTok dance. Watch the video below! 




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