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BOSTON, MA, USA – Fusion Worldwide, a global electronic sourcing distributor with 13 locations across the globe, has recently made a $30,000 SGD donation to three Singaporean charities, for a total donation amount of $90,000 SGD.

“Fusion Worldwide is doing its part as a global company to give back during this unprecedented time. It is important, now more than ever, that we come together and help the communities around the world we consider our home,” said Peter LeSaffre, CEO of Fusion Worldwide.

The charities selected were chosen by employees in the Singapore office, making it even more special to those working at Fusion Worldwide. The organizations selected include the Home Nursing Foundation, the Association for Persons with Special Needs and Causes for Animals (Singapore) Limited.

“COVID-19 has greatly affected ASPN’s fundraising efforts. So, we were very happy to receive a S$30,000 donation from Fusion Worldwide to help educate and train our beneficiaries with special needs. ASPN is so grateful for generous friends like Fusion Worldwide during these tough times,” stated the Association for Persons with Special Needs.

Nearly 95% of nonprofits globally have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 and are struggling to raise money. This is the second donation that Fusion Worldwide has made since the start of the pandemic. In April, the company gave $100,000 USD contribution to Massachusetts General Hospital’s Emergency Response Fund.


About Home Nursing Foundation

Founded in 1976, HNF is the largest and most established home healthcare service provider in Singapore. It is also the only provider that operates islandwide in Singapore. HNF delivers comprehensive care programmes that are dedicated to our patients, regardless of their income level. From nursing to medical care, to looking after patients’ social well-being and other practical daily needs, we bring care and support into the homes of those in need. For more information, visit

About Association for Persons with Special Needs

Established in 1976, APSN is a social service agency providing special education for persons with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50-70). Today, APSN operates four Special Education Schools for students aged 7 to 21, an APSN Student Care Centre for children aged 7 to 18 and an APSN Centre for Adults for persons aged 16 and older, benefiting over 1,200 beneficiaries each year. For more information, visit

About Causes for Animals (Singapore) Limited

CAS is an animal welfare charity set up to support the needs of local animal welfare in Singapore. We employ programs and policies to promote best practice, ethical, sustainable and compassionate treatment of these animals. Our mission is to save the lives of the homeless and unwanted companion animals of Singapore, as well as creating a Stray free country. For more information, visit


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