Meet Megan Maher, Fusion Worldwide’s Vice President of Sales, Americas. Megan began her career at Fusion in 2016 as an Account Executive. She received four consecutive President’s Club Awards, earning her advancement to Director of Business Development in 2020. Her dedication, loyalty, and success in spearheading the development of Fusion’s California office led to her promotion to VP of Sales. 

“Megan’s work in starting up the Santa Clara office has been tremendous in helping us meet customers where they are. In addition to being a sales wizard, she is a very caring and empathetic individual – qualities you don’t often find in people with the killer instinct she has,” states Luke LeSaffre, Chief Revenue Officer at Fusion Worldwide. 

Megan’s expertise in the market enabled her to build long-lasting relationships with several major accounts. Each account she has worked with has contributed to Fusion Worldwide’s endeavor to rise to the top of every customer’s independent supplier list. 

Megan is devoted to collaborating across continents to grow Fusion’s footprint in the Bay area and beyond. She has built a reputation for diving deep into accounts to nurture relationships with a wide range of clients from numerous industries. As a firm believer that growth and comfort cannot coexist, she continually employs thoughtful, data-driven strategies to streamline operations and help Fusion customers resolve complex supply chain challenges. 

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