What does a day in the life of a sales account executive at Fusion look like?

As a Fusion sales account executive, I start my day by following up with customers on the demand that they sent the previous day. After our global purchasing team reviews their collected offers, I present the best global offers to them.Kingsley

Since this is a very dynamic industry, internally, we are always exchanging the most up-to-date market information among our sales, business development, and purchasing teams.

We share the gathered market information with our customers so that we can add value to their supply chain.

What were you doing before you took on your current role? What brought on the change?

Previously, I was an account manager at an energy company in the energy business unit. It was a traditional industry and relied on old technology, which has been in the market for more than 30 years. The customer base is quite stabilized, which limited value add for a salesperson.

It was the open working environment and the enthusiasm from the whole trading floor I felt in the interview that brought me to Fusion. In addition, the dynamic market, technology, and customers excited me.

What inspires you?

The sense of achievement of closing a deal with a new customer, helping your customers solve their supply chain issues, helping your customers save money, and last but not least, adding value to Fusion.

What three traits would you say define you?

I am always attentive to the most updated market information by reading market news, learning market trends from my customer bases, and collaborating with colleagues to find out what they are hearing from their customer and vendor bases. 

I very mindfully understand what each customer needs and therefore, I am able to provide superior service to each and every customer.

I am a very communicative person, I like talking to people and thus I can always work efficiently by communicating both internally and externally to help our customers quickly solve their supply chain issues. 

How would you describe working at Fusion WW and how has it developed your career professionally?

There is never a dull moment working at Fusion. The supply and demand train never slows, and you won’t know where your customer’s development is going. Working at Fusion helps me to keep my thirst and curiosity for market knowledge alive.  The industry has increased my multi-tasking ability and always keeps me on my toes.

In your opinion, what sets Fusion apart from other distributors?

Fusion provides first-class support and we not only understand our customer’s needs but also value them. We have different teams that focus on separate product aspects, which allows us to be versatile. Our business development team is always staying in front of new customers, and we have a supplier development team so that we can continue to find impeccable suppliers that add value to our supply chain.

What are you most proud of accomplishing at Fusion?

Getting into the President Club in my rookie year was a very proud moment for me.

What is your favorite part of your job?

The sense of achievement when adding value to customers and to Fusion. The company will always pay you back for your hard work, your contribution and all of your efforts.


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