The focus of this quarter’s employee spotlight is Aaron Wong, a CPU Buyer at Fusion Worldwide. Aaron was chosen due to his ability to think out of the box, his willingness to learn and his tremendous contribution to the growth of new product lines at Fusion.

According to his manager, Dylan Chew, Supplier Development Director at Fusion Worldwide, “Despite his success, Aaron has his feet on the ground and is always looking to do better. He is very responsible and meticulous with his work, carrying out the tasks set for him to perfection. His willingness to learn, combined with his humble character, makes him a joy to work with and a force to be reckoned with.”

This July marks Aaron’s first year at Fusion Worldwide after previously working as an assistant procurement manager for one of the top 20 global logistics providers. In his past role, he managed 7 local warehouse locations throughout Singapore and led negotiations with regional and global stakeholders. After transitioning into his role at Fusion, Aaron has been able to quickly leverage these skillsets, which is why he is poised to be one of Fusion’s top buyers globally for 2020.

Aaron is described as someone who “never backs down from a challenge” by his managers but admits that his biggest obstacle is the volatility of the industry. Because he aids in dealing with a variety of unforeseeable supply chain shocks, he must stay aware of every change that occurs within the market.

“Because I source parts, lead negotiations and provide feedback constantly to our suppliers and colleagues, I not only need to closely monitor the constantly changing market information and trends from a variety of sources but must also quickly and accurately digest information to convey it to our trading floor and to our partners.”

Despite this, Aaron very much welcomes the challenge. He views the unpredictability of the job as the one constant he can depend on and thinks of each day as a new opportunity for everyone at the company to be creative and successful.

“Fusion has employed multi-diverse employees from all around the world, with different cultural backgrounds and languages spoken in order to achieve one goal: Solve supply chain shocks for our customers. I enjoy contributing my own experiences to this landscape, adapting to changes in plans and having my creative spirit drawn out!”

Aaron’s work mantra is, “Don’t simply wish for it. Work for it and strive for it!”, as he himself works toward his goal of continuing his streak in Fusion’s President’s Club for a second year in a row.


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