This quarter’s employee spotlight recognizes the hard work and dedication exemplified by Sally Chen, a sales account manager working out of Fusion Worldwide’s newly opened Shenzhen office. She joined the company in March 2021, after working as an account manager at and has since demonstrated her skills and dedication while working for the company.

Sally was the first salesperson hired at the Shenzhen office and the challenges that came with a new office did not hold her back during her first months at the company. Sally’s perseverance in developing accounts, motivation to get things done perfectly and ability to “get her hands dirty” are commendable.

“Her delightful personality and confidence impressed those who interviewed her, and she has become a valuable asset and a good team player. In addition, Sally is very driven to improve, both personally and professionally. With her coachable attitude, we believed she would be a perfect fit for our Fusion Family,” said Michi Sham, Director of Sales, China.

Sally states that her only hurdle working at Fusion Worldwide is taking full advantage of the opportunities she’s given by the company. She wants to improve her skills and strengthen her ability in the industry to better support customers.

“I wouldn’t say it is a challenge, but I work hard to grow and improve my ability. The more I try, the better I get! Fusion Worldwide is not only a global company with a diverse culture as people come from different countries and backgrounds but is also a place where everyone can be themselves!” shares Chen.

Sally’s ultimate goal is to buy an apartment and to do so she has continued to be confident, passionate, hardworking and committed to her goal.

When reflecting on her time at Fusion Worldwide, Sally shared a funny experience from when she first started. “Before joining Fusion Worldwide, I believed that everyone in Asia, or at least China, loved pearl milk tea. In my first two days at the office, I would wait for colleagues to ask for an order of pearl milk tea, but nothing! By the third day, I couldn’t help asking if anyone wanted to order together, but no one wanted to join! I was in shock! However, I soon found my pearl milk tea partner!”

Sally’s mantra is “I can do it!” and overcoming any obstacles that pop up makes her feel motivated and fulfilled.


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