Fusion Worldwide Megan Maher

Meet Megan Maher, Fusion Worldwide’s Vice President of Sales, Americas. Megan began her career at Fusion in 2016 as an Account Executive. She received four consecutive President’s Club Awards, earning her advancement to Director of Business Development in 2020. Her dedication, loyalty, and success in spearheading the development of Fusion’s San Jose Office led to her promotion to Vice President of Sales, Americas.

“Megan’s work in starting up the San Jose office has been tremendous in helping us meet customers where they are. In addition to being a sales wizard, she also is a very caring and empathetic individual – qualities you don’t often find in people with the killer instinct she has,” states Luke LeSaffre, Chief Revenue Officer at Fusion Worldwide.
Because of Megan’s strong expertise in the market, she has built long-lasting relationships with a number of major accounts. Each account she has worked with has contributed to Fusion Worldwide’s endeavor to rise to the top of every customer’s independent supplier list.

According to Megan, one thing she would wish to change is her ability to be everywhere at once. “If it were physically possible, I would work 24/7! I always want to know what’s happening globally and feel the need to be connected, especially with the market’s current environment. However, being global also gives us a great opportunity, the potential to make money while we sleep.”
When reflecting on her time with Fusion Worldwide, she recalled her first meeting with her coworkers. “My first day at the company was actually when I attended the holiday party. I signed my offer letter in mid-December with a start date of Jan. 4. Once I signed, I was asked if I wanted to go, and of course, I said yes … I love a good party. I ended up wearing a bright red dress and only knew the people I had interviewed with!”

Megan is devoted to strengthening Fusion’s footprint in the Bay area and beyond. This means working hard to grow new accounts while cultivating relationships with existing customers and developing and implementing strategies to alleviate inefficiencies in the supply chain effectively. To do so, she lives by her work mantra, which is to “bring it” by giving her all every day. She makes the most of her work by approaching every task with energy, focus, purpose, and enthusiasm.


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