This quarter, our employee spotlight highlights the work ethic and success of Fabiano Idelfonso, an account executive in Italy. His hard work, dedication and ability to build relationships has resulted in an impressive first year at Fusion Worldwide.

“Fabiano’s focus on creating valuable relationships with not only our customers but also his fellow colleagues in other offices, is central to his first-year success at Fusion Worldwide,” said Behzad Monfared, sales director for the EMEA region.

Before joining Fusion Worldwide, Fabiano was a professional basketball player in Italy. Upon retirement 15 years ago, he worked in the purchasing department of an IT company. Since joining Fusion Worldwide 16 months ago, Fabiano has made sure to utilize the tools given to him to maximize every opportunity he comes across. As a result, he has been able to open accounts where others were unsuccessful in the past.

Fabiano’s biggest challenge has been adapting to a global organization after previously working for a family-owned business. As someone who values knowledge, Fabiano sees Fusion Worldwide’s global reach and scale as another learning opportunity.

“Every day is a fun challenge. Working at a global company, I never know what’s going to happen next. Will the next opportunity present itself in a few days, weeks or even minutes? It’s like being on a roller coaster ride, and the thrill is what always gets me through the day,” stated Fabiano.

Though he works remotely, Fabiano has managed to establish great relationships and friendships within a short period of time. He is known as the “Italian Rockstar” amongst his colleagues and has become an integral part of the EMEA team.

Fabiano’s personal goal is to try his best at growing every single day and to support even more customers in the coming year. His key to success is the mantra he lives by as an ex-basketball player, “Work hard, play hard,” which also happens to be the Fusion Worldwide mantra too. Because of his hard work and dedication, Fabiano’s manager has no doubt that he will join the president’s club in his second year at Fusion Worldwide.


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