This quarter’s employee spotlight focuses on Kimberly Buser, Fusion Worldwide’s Global Director of Marketing. She was chosen by the company’s leaders because of her unique perspective on Fusion’s culture, her team mentality and work ethic.

According to COO, Paul Romano, “Prior to her joining the team, our marketing efforts had been limited. Kim is driven, insightful, and has brought energy and a lot of great ideas to Fusion Worldwide. Because her role is global, she is often on calls at night or early in the morning to work with our European and Asian offices, exemplifying her dedication to her role.”

When Kimberly joined Fusion in February 2019, she made a shift out the healthcare industry, in which she had been working for most of her career. Most recently, she worked as a consultant helping hospital systems improve their physician engagement. She says she was looking to move back into marketing, when the opportunity arose for her to reach her goal of creating a marketing department. Upon joining the team, Kimberly has sought to ensure that each office is heard on its marketing and outreach needs, which she believes will lead to a positive, representative translation across all of Fusion Worldwide.

“What works in America whether it be colors or words, doesn’t always work well in Europe or Asia.  By engaging employees globally, we not only improve employee engagement and build excitement and loyalty internally for our brand, but it also translates in how we sell the company externally. It ensures the Fusion brand resonates the same in Guadalajara as it does in South Korea.”

On top of engaging with global teams and leading the initiative to create and execute the company’s vision, mission and values, Kimberly has also spearheaded the implementation of software tools, such as HubSpot, for sales and marketing.

When asked about her job, Kimberly wants people to understand that marketing is essential to any organization. “Marketing establishes a brand on a mass scale with the ultimate goal to convert some of the masses into qualified leads for sales. Oftentimes, there’s this mentality that its sales versus marketing, but, in reality, the two should work hand in hand.”

Kimberly’s yearly goal is to increase awareness in the industry of who Fusion Worldwide is and how the company can help customers when their normal supply chain operations are disrupted. In addition, she wants to accomplish company-wide acceptance and use of HubSpot in order to stay aligned, measure effectiveness, improve efficiency and increase transparency.

When reflecting on her experiences at Fusion so far, Kimberly says, “The funniest experience that comes to mind is being corrected many times on the pronunciation of DRAM. It’s phonetically spelled to be pronounced like DRUM with an A. To be spelled like it is said, it should be written D-RAM. It will probably always be a thing.”

Kimberly’s work mantra is, “Taking initiative pays off. It is hard to visualize someone as a leader if she is always waiting to be told what to do” – Sheryl Sanberg.

This is apparent to everyone she works with, exemplified by COO Romano’s statement, “She has completed a significant number of projects for Fusion globally, making a big difference in how we tell our story and get the news about Fusion out. Because Kim is detailed, unafraid to speak her mind and gets things done with a collaborative effort, there is a lot to be learned from watching and interacting with her.”


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