Hans Boelen 2This quarter’s employee spotlight highlights the achievements and tenure of Hans Boelen, an account executive from Fusion Worldwide’s Amsterdam office. Hans has worked for the company for the past 7 years and has proven his determination through his accomplishments.

“In this business, we have a lot of peaks and valleys. Getting yourself out of the valley is 10 times harder than staying on top. Hans has been through a lot of valleys, and without hesitation, he has climbed his way back up. That kind of dedication and self-motivation can be a lesson to many others,” said Behzad Monfared, Vice President of Sales, EMEA.

Before joining the company, Hans worked on the stock exchange as a derivatives trader in Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Over his time at Fusion Worldwide, Hans has worked hard to grow in his role and overcome any weaknesses, which has proven to be the key to his success. No task is too big or small for Hans, which is reflective of his work ethic.

“If you want results, you have to work very hard, and sometimes it’s difficult as you have to create relationships and close deals over the phone. Your results of opening new clients depend on your own efforts,” advises Hans. The reward for those efforts is what you put into it, which for Hans is “getting the opportunity to build a relationship with new customers, allowing us to become an essential part of their supply chains!”

The biggest challenge Hans faces at Fusion Worldwide is working with people from different countries and adapting to their cultures, norms and values. However, he also views this as the biggest opportunity as he’s given the chance to work with a variety of customers from all over the world.

The funniest experience Hans has had at the company was due to a miscommunication between himself and a client. “I once had to cancel a meeting with a customer due to Behzad being in a car accident, leaving him with a concussion. When explaining the need for the cancellation, what I was saying was lost in translation and led to an awkward moment. Once he realized what I meant, we were laughing really hard and that ended up in a new requirement,” reminisced Hans.

Han’s work mantra is “Go get it!”. Through his unmatched energy, Hans is currently striving to achieve his goal of topping his highest GP year.


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