Ellen Du Photo1This quarter, Fusion Worldwide’s employee spotlight recognizes Ellen Du, an IC Team Leader from the Shenzhen office. Since graduating college in 2013, Ellen has worked as a purchaser for electronic components. She joined Fusion Worldwide in August 2020 and was promoted to team lead the following year. Her extensive knowledge and experience with handling challenging cases has helped her become a trusted industry expert.

“Ellen is diligent, persistent and introspective,” says Vivian Wang, Purchasing Manager in APAC. “She has become an integral part of the Fusion Worldwide community. She has been especially helpful in teaching new hires the ins and outs of our industry.”

As the Fusion Worldwide team continues to grow, Ellen has been essential in helping sales representatives understand how the Asia market works, especially in China. She attributes her success to clear communication and fostering demand, which has contributed to many repeat customers. For her, purchasing is not only about market sourcing, but also requires building a reputation for reliable supply and transparency.

“Being a professional in the electronic component industry means being knowledgeable about quality control,” says Ellen. “Creating a perfect match between a customer and their supply is hard work, but it’s made easier when you are confident in your product.”

Ellen’s promotion to team lead was a natural progression of her career since her coworkers already saw her as a leader who cultivated an environment of trust. Despite having a broad background, she never shies away from a chance to learn from others and encourages her coworkers to do the same.

A driving factor for Ellen has been the palpable enthusiasm that her team exudes. Being surrounded by people who are just as passionate as she is has motivated her to be positive no matter the challenges she might face. Her work motto, “Let every effort get its due reward”, is a testament to the assiduous ambition she injects into her every day.

“It is both an immense challenge and opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic and global business,” says Ellen. “Everyone here is energetic and looking to take advantage of the chances provided for them.”

Ellen’s goal for a year from now is to become even more qualified as a team lead and continue to inspire her coworkers to strive for excellence. She plans to continue to find more supply chain resources, particularly for her distributers. In her personal life, she hopes to improve her work life balance and use her success to build a house in her hometown.


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